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Make sure your e-commerce website is trustworthy!

Each time a person visits an e-commerce website, there is an opportunity for a business to instil trust in the visitor. In this blog we go through the processes of what a business can do for that credibility in the customer lifecycle.


When they first hear about you


Many will be hesitant to buy from an e-commerce store they have never heard of. You have a chance to establish this trust from the beginning via advertising and marketing. A well-designed marketing campaign can help establish a brilliant first impression.


When they enter, and browse your website


They’ve started browsing your site – Which is great! Here are some tips to increase credibility:


  • Imagery – Only use high quality images.
  • Reviews – Highlight reviews of products showing that other people shop at your e-commerce store.
  • Testimonials – Customer testimonials on pages can help.
  • Live Chat – this can help build a relationship with the customer, creating trust.


When they put the items in the cart


Now they have put items in their cart, you’ve got a visitor with intent to buy. How do you assure them through the checkout and complete the process?


  • Mention the number of order shipped.
  • Show where your shipping facility is. People like to know where their product is coming from.
  • Get an SSL certificate to make sure you have https.
  • List the phone number.
  • Show a delivery date and not the shipping date.
  • Security badges like McAfee Secure, VeriSign etc.


We also proudly offer our own bespoke ecommerce solution that can be modified to suit a range of businesses and regularly integrate payment gateways such as SagePay and PayPal for our clients, among other software. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Added: 29 Sep 2017 13:28

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