Does Your Marketing Strategy Work For The Human Brain?

Did you know that the average human brain attention span has been reduced by approximately 30% over the last 15 years? Yes, that’s true, consumers have shorter attention spans than goldfishes! This is due to technological advances that are distracting consumers daily. It’s extremely for marketers to realise this when creating new a new marketing strategy. According to research the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000, to 8.25 seconds in 2015. As humans are becoming more forgetful due to 25% of teenagers forgetting key details about their friends and family and 39% of people forget basic pieces of information per day, your marketing strategy needs to accurate and memor

7 Ways To Inject Creativity Into Your Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing strategy lacking in the creativity It needs to help your business get noticed? Creativity isn’t something that can be turned on and off like a switch, it will take time and patience. We’re here to help you inject creativity into your marketing strategy. Don’t Over Think: Sometimes it’s best to step away and unplug. Not doing anything will provide you with the freedom to sit and think. Don’t recycle the same ideas and don’t force yourself to produce one idea. Let your mind wander. Sit Back & Relax: Studies evidently show that having a drink or two can improve your ability to think outside the box. However, be careful as too much drinking may result in a further creativity bl

Why Digital Marketing is Overtaking Traditional Marketing

The world of technology has significantly grown over the years and in turn, is having a significant impact on traditional marketing methods. The transition from traditional to digital marketing has been swift with thousands are marketers switching to using digital marketing methods. So, how do the two methods weigh up? The Cost to Reach 1000 Viewers: Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing Costs cover a variety of aspects to gain a certain percentage, for example: Cable TV Prime Time TV Newspaper Radio Magazine Catalogue Direct Mail The cons to attempting to reach out to these aspects is that at least 86% of people tend to skip television adverts and 44% of direct ma

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