In Medieval England Bromsgrove Court Leet had legal jurisdiction over the people of the day. Today they exist to uphold the traditions and as a charity.


Follow the link below to see their complete website. 


Bromsgrove Court Leet is an organisation with roots dating back to 1199. Although we had a web site it was considered, even by its members,  to be tired and stale and offering little in the way of communicating our history and purpose to the wider world.


By recommendation, discussions were held with Natalie at Pinfields Marketing Solutions on what improvements could be made to improve our image without damaging our past.  It became immediately clear that we had made the right choice of designer to take us forward.


By listening to our wants and needs and making sensible and practical suggestions, she had within a week produced a new modern web site which has transformed an 800-year-old organisation into the 21st century without degrading its historical purpose and past.

John Rogers - Marshal - Bromsgrove Court Lee

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