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DHC Services Ltd

DHC Services marketing client based in Bromsgrove

DHC Services Ltd are a company based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. They provide groundworks, landscaping, fencing and resurfacing work to both residential and commercial sectors. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have worked on a variety of projects across the UK!

web design services for marketing client in Bromsgrove

Made in 2016

(not by us!)

DHC Services came to us looking to change the software that their website was built on. Their old website was created in 2016, we then rebuilt it using our software in 2019 but the website looked the same. 

web design services for marketing client in Bromsgrove

Made in 2020

DHC Services Ltd had a complete brand refresh in 2020. We created the website based on their new logo and their new business vision of targeting commercial businesses. We chose two colours when creating the site, black and blue, which made the images on the website stand out. 

The main focus on the website is their portfolio page which is full of their completed projects. We made a new portfolio section on the website which is easy to navigate and is separated by the services that DHC Services Ltd provide. To make sure that the website is always updated, David Hodges (Owner of DHC Services Ltd) sends over new projects regularly.

SEO & Web Support

To make sure that DHC Services Ltd stands out from the competition we had to make sure that their website is SEO friendly! We update our SEO plans every month to ensure that we’re up to date with the latest SEO trends. 

We create plans to complete every month as well as sending David monthly reports to show him what we are doing.

Social Media Management

We manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram for DHC Services Ltd. Our team aim to post daily with bespoke content and graphics.

We also create monthly reports based on progress of the social media accounts, making sure that our team is hitting their targets.

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