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Why Digital Marketing is Overtaking Traditional Marketing

The world of technology has significantly grown over the years and in turn, is having a significant impact on traditional marketing methods. The transition from traditional to digital marketing has been swift with thousands are marketers switching to using digital marketing methods.

So, how do the two methods weigh up?

The Cost to Reach 1000 Viewers:

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Costs cover a variety of aspects to gain a certain percentage, for example:

  • Cable TV

  • Prime Time TV

  • Newspaper

  • Radio

  • Magazine

  • Catalogue

  • Direct Mail

The cons to attempting to reach out to these aspects is that at least 86% of people tend to skip television adverts and 44% of direct mail is never opened. This decreases Traditional Marketing chances of reaching the desired audience.

Outbound source leads have a 1.7% close rate.

Digital Marketing only covers two aspects to gain certain percentage of reach:

  • Online (Search)

  • Online (Display)

These tactics include the cost of distribution such as magazine and print and media costs to air advertisements on radio. Digital Marketing Costs are 62% less than Traditional Marketing. This is because marketers can develop online marketing strategies that cost very little and can eventually replace costly advertising that traditionally would have been purchased for example TV, Radio and Magazine.

This form of marketing also allows for companies to see real time results, instead of waiting around for weeks to view results from a TV campaign to end. Companies can view website traffic and statistics with ease, at any time of the day and can adjust their campaign according to the results they receive.

In turn, Digital Marketing allows for greater exposure for businesses, so that they can be seen anywhere in the world from just one marketing campaign, which works to help campaigns go viral.

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