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7 Ways To Inject Creativity Into Your Marketing Strategy

Is your marketing strategy lacking in the creativity, does it help your business get noticed?

Creativity isn’t something that can be turned on and off like a switch, it will take time and patience. We’re here to help you inject creativity into your marketing strategy.

Don’t Over Think:

Sometimes it’s best to step away and unplug. Not doing anything will provide you with the freedom to sit and think. Don’t recycle the same ideas and don’t force yourself to produce one idea. Let your mind wander.

Sit Back & Relax:

Studies evidently show that having a drink or two can improve your ability to think outside the box. However, be careful as too much drinking may result in a further creativity blog.


American Physician, Oliver Wendell Holmes said: ‘Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang up’ – This implies that you should challenge perceptions, encourage different thought processes and escalate new ideas through working with others. You don’t need to work solely on your own to create your marketing strategy!

Listen to Music:

Listening to different types of music can trigger different emotions and memories, often resulting to the creativity you need to produce a successful marketing strategy.

Draw on Paper:

Sometimes the best Marketing Strategy can be initiated from doodling ideas on a piece of paper. This could be enough to spark those unique ideas!

Read Books:

Ideas usually develop from known facts, rather than being plucked from thin air. To encourage creativity in your marketing strategy, mix it up! – Read some fiction, pick up an old novel, check out a few blog posts each day, or buy a newspaper.

Keep A Diary:

Keeping a diary stimulates thoughts that get dismissed throughout the day. Document your thoughts daily and start recording your best ideas. This will add your own creativity to your marketing strategy.

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