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Get prepared for Christmas and Supercharge your Email Marketing Campaign!

It’s the time of year when retailers and eCommerce businesses have the best quarter, and email marketing is still the cheapest way to put products in front of shoppers and convert sales. Therefore, with Christmas approaching it only makes sense to have an email marketing campaign ready to roll out for the holiday shopping season!

What goes into a successful email marketing campaign for Christmas?

A holiday-themed design is key, but it needs to fit your branding in order to keep your identity and meet reputations, without this your branding will look forced and just generated without putting in any effort for Christmas.

Here’s is our list on how to improve your email marketing campaign:

1. On your email marketing campaign, you need to ensure that social media icons and links are incorporated. This means that potential clients can click through to your social media and find out more.

2. It’s key that you put mobile at top priority. With 86% of emails being opened on a mobile device in 2016, we will ensure that your email marketing campaign will have responsive mobile design that will provide the optimal mobile experience for your potential clients.

3. In your email marketing campaign, it’s key to use email segmentation. This will allow you to gain a deeper insight into what types of customers make up your list; allowing us to pinpoint the perfect messaging.

4. It’s key to make customers feel appreciated this season with messaging tailored to their preferences. Nobody wants to find coal in their stocking – or their inbox. We’ll identify wording that best suits your audience and help warm them into your email marketing campaign.

We hope this list has helped you understand the importance of a successful email marketing campaign, and we would like to help your business hit that target this Christmas!

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