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What Santa Never Told You About Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we have some incredibly fun facts to share with the family this Christmas! Test your family with some bizarre Christmas Trivia.

1) In order for Santa to reach every home in the world, he has to travel at the speed of 2,340,000 mph

2) The amount saved every year through discount voucher codes is £51,000,000

3) £700 Million is spent on unwanted Christmas presents – How ungrateful!

4) The first year that the Queens Christmas speech was televised was 1957

5) 8 Million natural Christmas trees are consumed by the UK every ear.

6) Did you know that £18,000,000,000 will be withdrawn from UK cash machines over Christmas?

7) We eat 25 Million Christmas puddings every year

8) The average of a Christmas tree when it’s sold is 15

9) 600,000 letters are sent to Santa every year

10) The average amount of money a UK adult will spend on buying Christmas presents is £330

11) The record number of Christmas cards sent by a single person in a year is 62,824!

We hope these facts shocked you as much as they shocked us. Christmas is so close, and we just can’t wait! If you can’t either, check out our other Christmas blogs to fill you with excitement!

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