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10 Dos and Don'ts for Web Design

Before designing a website, you will need to keep these Dos and Don’ts in your mind! These will help with making smart choices about your website.

Website Layout

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel

Do use UX standards for friendly browsing.

When you structure your layout follow UX recommendations (user experience) to make sure that your visitors enjoy a smooth browsing. You need to make sure your sites navigation is clear and straightforward and that all the links and buttons work.

Background Visuals

Don’t choose a background that is distracting

Do choose a background that will make your visitors want to come back!

Whether you go with vectors, photos or videos make sure your background is not distracting from your websites main purposes. Make sure you have a strong contrast between the text and the background as the purpose is to highlight your message and not take away from it.

Mobile Design

Don’t forget your site needs to work on mobile screens.

Do optimise images, texts or other components for mobile viewing.

You need to make sure all your images and text fits onto a mobile screen and nothing is cut off.

Space Distribution

Don’t clutter the screen

Do consider content hierarchy, also use white space to air your site.

When designing your site make sure you don’t overcrowd the screen with content because your visitors might miss out on important information. You can also use white to create a nice flow between site elements.

Colour Scheme

Don’t select colours based on your favourites

Do make smart colour combinations

The psychological impact of colours on your site visitors can influence what they think of your website and the way they perceive your brand, which is why you can’t base your colour scheme on a random combination of colours you like. If you make informed choices about your sites colour palette then your website will reward you with an amazing online presence.

Image Quality

Don’t settle for basic/extreme quality.

Do use high quality images.

To make sure your website visitors take your website seriously make sure your images are high quality! You don’t have to leave it at that though you can use cropping and filters to optimize your images further to make them perfect.

Stock Images

Don't be cheesy

Do try to create a relatable vice.

The best way to make your website relatable is to pick stock photos of people and situations that you and the visitors can relate to. Your visitors would much rather establish a trust with a website that caters to real people.

Animations, GIFs and Effects

Don’t turn your site into a 1970s music video

Do use elements that add some motion to your site

If you use these excessively then you are ruining your website where as if you use them correctly then you will have a dynamic and vibrant website!


Don’t assume they’re all the same

Do research fonts that help your branding

As a website owner you need to know how fonts work and what ones to choose. Different fonts will raise different cultural and mental associations which will then generate a particular atmosphere. Your font should strengthen your website, not contradict it.

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