Social Media Tips

Do you use social media to promote your business? Here are our top tips for putting together a social media strategy!

When you first start using social media DON’T…

  • Start with a clear strategy, it is always best to have a strategy before posting anything.

  • Buy fake followers or likes, when doing this you are just paying for spam accounts to follow or like one of your posts, they won’t engage with all of your posts or profile.

  • Share too much in a short amount of time, spread your content out!

  • Attack every platform at once, take your time with your social media accounts.

  • Just talk about the brand, your clients want to know everything about your company!

When running social promotions…

  • Use trending topics that will help promote your brand, by doing this you will gain more clients from your specific category.

  • Avoid spam, don’t ask people to share a post for a prize!

  • Create unique promotions for each of your social media platform as this gives more variety.

When you are branding on social media…

  • Spread your brand identity all over the internet, this will cover everything so more and more people will see your company and what you are about.

  • Be transparent with all of your clients, this will give you a better reputation.

  • Always keep track of your reviews as this will help you see where you need to improve.

  • Share your employees’ pics with your followers, this will give your accounts a much more personal feel.

  • Find influencers to promote your brand, when doing this make sure you find influencers that already have similarities with your brand to keep it consistent.

When you are sharing content…

  • Take advantage of the trends! A good idea is to put together a calendar, so you can keep track of everything that is going on.

  • Share your branded content, always make your brand known.

  • Share articles that are valuable to your community, this could be articles that are in the same business as your or even local news.

  • Keep your content unique, people always want to find something different!

  • Promote interaction, interacting with your clients is key!

When using hashtags…

  • Use as many as you want on Instagram, but only use up to 5 on twitter.

  • Don’t ever hashtag on Facebook!

  • On Pinterest, some hashtags will lead users away from your content.

  • Don’t hashtag every single word, only hashtag keywords!

Tools that will make social media easier for you…

  • Hootsuite – This allows you to manage multiple social media accounts in one place!

  • Tweetdeck – This allows you to see everything that goes on your twitter profile in an easier way, you can also schedule tweets for the future.

  • Google Analytics – This allows you to track your website traffic.

  • Google URL Shortener – This allows you to shorten links which means that you can then write more content in your posts.

Useful Stats…

  • 25% of people engage more with brands on Instagram

  • 15 times more money is spent by Pinterest users than Facebooks.

  • Photo albums have more than 180% than other posts.

  • When emoji’s are used there is a 33% in comments.

  • 93% of online customers check social media before buying anything.

Legal Stuff…

  • Make sure you own all of your content as copyright infringement is real!

  • When choosing photos be careful! Use stock images to be safe.

  • Always disclose paid advertising.

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