How to Boost your Social Media Engagement

Are you looking for ways on how to boost your social media engagement, or do you want to know how to create some social media content that your followers will love? Follow these tips!

Boosting Tactics:

Sharing Content:

People love to share content that is entertaining, interesting and trending. Make sure that you share content that is relevant with your brand, so customers know exactly what you do!

Provide Viable Solutions:

Articles that provide viable solutions for user problems and give you valuable information with give you lots of shares and traffic to your social media account.

Target Audience:

To make your content valuable you will need to take into account what yo

ur target audience wants. By doing this is will make your posts more likely to get engagement then go viral.


When it comes to social media engagement it is critical for brands to think about their customers. Your clients demand brand interactions, so if you don’t communicate with them over your social media it will be easy to lose them.

Loyal and Conversing Customers:

If you have engaging customers who stay active on social media, it can have great pay offs.

Master Your Target Audience:

Before doing anything, you need to understand your target audience. Your content will only be effective if it is exciting enough to draw customers to your account and then share your content. Try to build a marketing persona and then understand what matters the most to your clients. Make your content around your audience and what they are most likely to share on their social media.

What Makes Consumers Follow Your Brand?

26% - It perfectly fits their interests

25% - The brand offers high-quality products or services

21% - It fits their personality

12% - They would recommend it to their friends and family

17% - The brand is socially responsible

Customise Your Posts:

Remember that every social platform is different!!


47% of marketers agree that Twitter is the best social media platform for customer engagement.

For Maximum Reach:

Whatever content you create, fit it around the platform you have chosen and then tailor it around your marketing persona!

Create Content That has High Engagement

Social Media platforms have now started to use algorithms that will rank content that is expected to engage more followers and potential customers. Marketers will need to focus on creating content that promises high engagement which will increase their chances of attaining a greater reach. Another way to gain a high engagement is to work with social media influencers, 95% of marketers believe that their influencer marketing strategy is effective. This is because they boast a greater ability to provide brands with an increased reach and can give your social media campaign a big boost.

The Best Time to Post

You need to post is when the users you want to show your posts are active. It will help you get more engagement, traffic and maybe some new followers. Between 1pm – 4pm gets the highest click through rates but the best time to share on Facebook is 3pm on Wednesdays.

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