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How to Create the Perfect Social Media Post

Want to know how to create a perfect post on the most popular platforms? We can show you how!

Twitter –

To get the most engaging tweet, it has to be between 71-100 characters and no more than two hashtags. Always add a link to your tweet that goes back to your website, so customers know where to go! You must always add a picture to your tweet that relates back to what your post is about as this is what will catch a client’s eye.

When responding to your clients make sure you use the @ sign so they see you have responded and if you want to mention other accounts. If you are taking part in any business or location # hours, then make sure you always put that # hour in your tweet so everyone involved and can see it! You can also retweet content from either business your working with or articles that are similar to your business.

Facebook –

Your Facebook posts will be short with only 40+ characters. You never hashtag on Facebook! We always add photos to our status’ as well, it’s the first thing clients look at and if the photo is intriguing then they will read your status. Always link back to your websites to increase your traffic from Facebook.

If anyone replies to your status always reply back and engage with your clients! When companies engage and respond to customer service requests their clients end up spending 20% to 40% more!

Instagram –

Instagram is all about photos so make sure that the photos you upload are interesting and exciting! You can put as much text as you want for the description of the image but make sure you tell the story of the image. With Instagram you can tag as many hashtags as you want, we think the minimum amount is 11.

You can engage with your customers or potential clients through the comment section on your photos. Instagram have made it easy for you to interact with your clients so you can either like comments that they have posted as well as reply, and you can easily private message them as well.

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