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How to Create the Perfect Email Template

There is more than one way to make the perfect email template for your company. We have put together some tips to help you!

Email Content

The most important part to an email is to make sure you have great content! A perfect email content is short, crisp and clear, without clutter or unnecessary words. If you’re trying to convey more than one message across to your recipients to make sure you break it into series of emails to avoid one lengthy email and content confusion.

Avoid Long Content

Simplify your email to reduce the length. Arrange your email content in a list of importance. If you use attractive sub headings, headers and bullet points it helps the email receiver to scan through your email then read it in further detail if it interests them. When writing content always keep the customers in focus by either giving incentives or informative content where subscribers can learn more. Don’t forget to hyper link back to your website for the words or phrases which you think need more insight.

Prioritize Email Content

Most email readers spend less than 15-20 seconds to scan through an email campaign, so it’s a wise choice to keep your message organised and defined in sections. Keep the email design neat and readable and prioritise your email content from top to bottom for importance.

Design and Layout

Create your emails from scratch so it keeps the layouts fresh and unique. If you are choosing from templates the make sure you select some basic templates which suit your email content and business type, they also have to appeal to your readers. Once you find a layout you like you can freeze it and save it for the future, so then when you create future campaigns all you need to do is change the content or pictures.

Brand Assets

Always put your company logo or trademark on the top of your email so people know where its coming from. Try to use colours which your brands use so it reflects credibility of your email message.


Make sure you select a font that reflects and defines your brand image, but it also has to be clean and readable. Only use one or two colours for your fonts as this will make it look neater and cleaner. We recommend that the size should be 14-16px and to use the normal Calibri and Arial fonts.

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