5 Steps to be Successful at Email Marketing

Are you in the process of making an email marketing campaign and need an easy guide to help? Here are 5 essential steps that will help you!


Most people fail at email marketing because they don’t have a plan. Having a plan will help you stay focused, motivated and accountable, it also means you never have to wonder when and what you’re going to send. If you write your goals you are 42% more likely to achieve them.


A weak email design is one of the biggest reasons for underperforming email marketing. A marketing email should be designed to push the reader to take a specific action that will benefit your business in a measurable way.


No one likes wasting time, so writing an email just to write one is exactly that. When you create an email that greatly benefits your readers and business, that definitely isn’t a time waster! Keep your content short, a study found that emails with 20 lines of text are the ones with the highest click through rates.


Make sure you measure the impact of your email marketing or you will never know how it did or what happened to it!


A person comes into your store and makes a purchase, but what happens when they leave? You might not see them again unless you have a way a way to draw them back to your store. This is where growing your email marketing list comes in handy! Studies show that repeat customers spend 67% more money than new customers.

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