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Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Email Campaign

Do you need help with getting results from your email campaigns and want to know how to avoid spam filter? Here are some do’s and don’ts for email campaigns!

Do’s -

Give a Warm Welcome

The most opened emails are usually welcome emails as their open rate 63% more than other marketing emails, especially if the excipient has just registered to your business. You can use this welcome email to outline your brand values and USPs.


A preheader is a preview text that shows in your customers inbox, which is taken from the first lines of your email unless you amend this. You need to make sure this is interesting to invite the customer to open your email. Normally if you don’t change this it will say “to view this email in a browser, click here.”

Use Responsive Design

A responsive design is ensuring your email can be seen on a mobile device as well as a PC. Seeing as half of all emails are opened on a mobile device you need to make sure that your email can be viewed comfortably on all devices. Customers won’t carry on reading if the email doesn’t work on their device.

Don’ts -

Spam Triggers

Phrases like “Act Now!” and “Please read” as they are likely to be picked up by spam filters. Also if you over use capital letters and exclamation marks, that can be marked as spam.

Too Many Calls to Action

This can be confusing to your customer as is the problem with email newsletters. To have a better effect on your conversations make sure to have one single call to action button.


Sending your emails at regular intervals will let your customers know what to expect and then they will not go too long without hearing from you. You can always ask your customers to select their email frequency and ask them to opt in to other email subscriptions and campaigns you make.

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