10 Things you Shouldn’t put in your Email Campaigns

You should always be looking at ways to improve your email marketing strategy, here are 10 things that you need to leave out of your emails.

Too Many Words

You should avoid putting too many words as your customers will get bored of an email that is too long. Keep everything short and sweet and include pictures so that your customers have something to look at!

A Subject That Will Put Your Email in the Junk Folder

If you choose a subject that triggers a spam filter it won’t even reach your target audience. Phrases like “free”, “% off” and “reminder” all trigger a spam filter according to Mailchimp.

Write About Your Business

New customers or existing customers aren’t interested in you, they want to know more about your business. Through these email campaigns you need to show them how to solve their problems as well as entertaining them. If you do this, it’s more likely to generate a response.

Deceptive Subject Lines

If you choose a false subject line with RE: or FWD: your customers will start to distrust you. Choose a subject line that relates back to your email and make it interesting, so customers will open your email!

A “No-Reply” Sender Address

No reply email address like click thorough and conversions will decrease your respond rate and the customer will feel like your relationship is just one way.

One Big Image

If the big image that you have on your email doesn’t load then your message won’t get across and sometimes image only emails are sent to the customers junk, so they won’t even see it. You should have a ratio of 80:20 text to image.

Broken Links

If interested readers can’t access the landing page then your campaign will fail and you can even lose subscribers and customers.


If you make a typo or a grammatical error it will make the whole email look unprofessional and spammy, once you have done the email take the time to check and proof read everything.

Content Without Value

Subscribers that don’t find your emails to be valuable are more likely to unsubscribe so don’t chase a sale in every email! Make sure you give your subscribers a reason to enjoy hearing from you.

Too Many Calls to Action

If you put too many messages it can leave your customers confused, then they will take no action at all. Everyone’s email campaign is different so there is no set number that works for everyone, just test and learn how many is too many for your audience.

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