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3 Branding Strategies for Small Business

Many small business owners make the mistake that branding costs a lot of money, there are some agencies that will charge you a high price to help build your brand, but then there are some agencies, like us, that can give you an affordable price!

Good branding is for everyone and it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially now technology is getting more and more popular. Here are 4 branding strategies that can help your small business go from an idea to a reality.

Brand Identity

Branding is more than just a logo, its everything you stand for like your reputation, customers, the way you look and feel. The first step to branding is to understand who you are, to help ask yourself these 3 questions –

What makes you different?

What sets your business apart from your competitors? Maybe it’s that you handmake your items, or it’s a family business. It doesn’t have to be something game changing and huge, just making the business more authentically you.

No matter what it is, the key differentiator is that it is going to help you stand out!

Who are your customers?

Many small businesses haven’t thought about who they’re target audience are. You have to know who you are trying to sell your products to.

Once you have figured out your target market you will be in a better position to decide what your brand should feel and look like. Remember that you are pinpointing your ideal customer, the people that are most likely to purchase your service or product.

What your mission?

Now you know who you are you can put together all of your brainstorming into a 2-4 sentence mission statement. This needs to be a statement that not only captures what you do but also why you do it. Whenever you are stuck with a tough decision you can always look back to your statement to help you make the right choice.

Making your Brand Memorable

By paying attention to a couple of key details you can keep your brand memorable for cheap!


For many of your customers your business name is what they see first. Getting your name right can be the key to your success where as a bad name could ruin your chances with new customers.

As well as trying to think of your own name you also have to claim it as a unique domain name. So before you settle on a name make sure you search to see whether is available. Another think to think about is how your URL will look when it is displayed.


Once you have your name and story sorted you can start thinking about what your brand looks like.

We recommend a logo as your starting point for all of the other visuals that you need to think off. Remember to think of all the different reasons what you will need a logo for, you might need it for product packaging, website, business cards and more.

Get your Brand Out There

Once you have everything sorted it is time to put yourself out there!

Social Media

Social Media is now one of the best ways to promote yourself. It is also free to create an account on most platforms. Firstly, you will have to figure out what your customers use and then focus on building your brand on there. Make sure you update your profile regularly and engage with your customers.

Give aways and competitions

This is a great way to promote your business. Doing a competition over your social media by using a hashtag will also allow you to grow your social media following. Remember that the bigger the product the bigger the result!

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