7 Tips for the Perfect Logo

Logos are much more than just simple symbols, they’re the face of your company, the long-lasting impression and representation of your business. When designing your logo, you should take the utmost care and attention to detail, even if you already have one but you’re redesigning it. You need to think about font, colour, negative space and the aesthetic elements of a logo to see how it will impact your company and how your customers perceive it.

Here are 7 tips to get the best logo –

Target Audience –

Your logo must appeal to your target audience, so if your audience is single men in their 20s, work full time, love sports and is adventurous then you want to make your logo masculine and powerful. Something fun and cute won’t work.

Be Unique –

Avoid clichés, if you a global company don’t use a globe or if you’re an airline don’t use a plane. You need to design your logo distinctively, so it catches potential customers eyes. You should also make something different, so you stand out from the crowd.

Make your Logo Relevant –

Great logos that are simple are timeless, whereas if you use a font that is in trend now in a couple of years it might look outdated. A lot of brush script fonts and 3D designs are now tired and old.

Strive for Boldness –

People should be focused on your logos uniqueness compared to everyone else’s. Create trends instead of following them, if you keep chasing trends then you will always be a few steps behind.

Be Simple –

Remember that less is more so don’t make your logo too busy. Focus on a clear concept and not multiple messages at once.

Use Design to Reinforce your Brand –

Find something that could represent your like how Apple has an Apple to represent knowledge, and Burger King’s logo resembles a hamburger. Also think about shape psychology seeing as circles represent community, squares represent balance and triangles represent power.

Colours –

Colour is a big part of a logo, as the wrong colour could convey the wrong emotion.

Red – Warmth, Anger, Energy

Green – Natural, Ethical

Pink – Feminine, Loving, Tranquil

Blue – Integrity, Professionalism, Success

Yellow – Intellect, Optimism, Cheer

Orange – Social, Adventurous,

Purple – Creative, Imaginative

Black – Strong, Formal, Sophisticated

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