The Best Fonts & Colours for your Brand

The first thing you see when looking at a business is the logo; your logo is your image and is what people see before they meet you. This means that your brand should represent your company and attract your target audience. It is easier to break down your logo into the two visual aspects which is colour and font. They need to work together to display your core values and personality to your target audience.

Colour –

Colour is one of the most important decision you will have to make when deciding on your logo and brand and most people don’t realise the psychology behind choosing the right colours. As a society we have created associations with certain colours and the emotional reactions we get from them, so if you walk into a bright red room you will probably feel a bit tenser and more energetic.

Warm colours – red, pink, orange and yellow.

Cool colours – green, blue, purple and brown.

Neutral colours – grey, black and white.

If you use warmer colours like red and orange they could convey the feeling of energy and creativity where as if use cooler colours like green and blue they will convey the feeling of peace and life.

When selecting your colours, you also need to think of balance and a palette of colours. If you’re using bold and exciting colours, then you need to use a softer and more neutral colour to balance this out and make the logo softer.

Font –

Choosing a font can also be quite overwhelming as there are millions of different typefaces. When picking the font, you want you need to consider two things, readability and personality. Readability is really important as you want your target audience to read your logo! You also don’t want to use a font that has been used too much as it might bore your target audience and it can also make your brand look generic.

It might be easy to choose two fonts, the first one is the one that is easy to read, so the readability font. You can also use this on flyers, business cards and websites. The second font can be more abstract and fun because it’ll capture the charisma of the company. Seeing as the font will be different you can use this for the company name and short headlines, you should never use this for long paragraphs!

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