How to Design a Fantastic Leaflet

Not matter what sort of business you run it is important to get the right information to your customer base, which is a key challenge in your marketing objectives. Direct marketing will play a big role in meeting these objectives and keeping your brand fresh in the mind of customers.

The term Direct Mail has been around for over 140 years and it will make up a big part of how many people will view direct marketing. One way to do this is to use leaflets and flyers which will provide information on a product, service or just what your company does in general.

It’s not always easy when trying to get a leaflet right and the biggest challenge now is to make it stand out. To create the best first impression with your leaflet it is best to have a professional design, here are some tips on how to create the best leaflet for your company.


When it comes to designing a leaflet you should always think about the saying “less is more” because no one wants to read through a leaflet that is full of text! Remember space when designing your leaflet as clutter is never a good thing, it looks messy. It is also important to remember to use all of your leaflet, instead of concentrating on one corner or just the centre.


The saying “less is more” also works well with images. You also need to remember that the photos you are using are high quality and ready to be on a printed leaflet. If your leaflet is going to include products then images are important as you want to show the quality of the product that you are selling.


You audience must be able to read and understand the messages that you are putting on your leaflet. If you are using a light background try to avoid using colours like white and yellow as this can be hard to read. A short and snappy sentence like “Sale Now On – Up to 50% off!” works well as it will grab the reader’s attention. Always use font size 12 or above as anything smaller than that is unreadable.


Quality comes in a number of ways, one is the quality of the content and the another is the print quality. For the best quality of the content you need to make sure that your message is getting across to your audience but keep it short and to the point. The quality of the print is also important as it needs to be strong because it will be lifted physically. The better the quality of the leaflet means the better the impression you will leave on the customer.

Call to Action

A call to action is what you will be using to encourage the customer to buy one of your products or services. It is important that there is a clear call to action that will help you measure the success of your leaflet, you can do this by giving them a link to your website, links to social media, phone number or email contact.

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