How to get More Responses to your Email

Writing emails to get responses is a very valuable skill and to determine what makes an email likely to get a response is even harder. Here are some tips on how to get more responses to your email.

Write with Emotion

A significant factor in determining response rates is how your chosen words affect the reader. So, words like wonderful and great will get you a better response rate compared to words like bad and hate. We have found that emails with more positive words get 15% more responses. Don’t be excessive as your response rates will then start to decline as the amount of positive language would start to look normal.

Shorter Emails

The best length for an email is between 50-125 words, with this email length your response rate will go above 50%. Your response rate will decline if you use over 125 words and if your email is over 500 words then it is a below 44%. If you go a little extra over 125 words don’t worry, it’s okay! Just don’t let it get to 2500 words as the response rate is below 35%.

As well as having too many words you also don’t want your email to be under 50 words as this has a steeper decline in response rates. Having a 25-word email is just the same as having a 2500-word email, the response rate is the same.

Short Subject Lines

This is the most critical step in email marketing, as if you get this right then you will get a high response rate. Subject lines with just 3-4 words work the best, if you add more words then the response rates will start dropping. If you don’t have a subject line, then your email will only get a 14% response rate, so it is really important that you have one!

If you have a question as your subject line then that will get 50% more responses, but don’t do this every time you send an email as an email with 3 questions is 20% more likely to get a response than an email with 8 or more.

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