Email Marketing Tips

When you break down a successful email marketing campaign then you will find out one or two things that made it a hit. Targeting the audience to personalising emails has played a role to make your email campaign successful. To make sure that your next email campaign is successful, follow these steps…

Target Audience

A lot of email campaigns done work because the sender will treat every email recipient the same. Gather as much data about your audience as you can this can include geographic location, age and buying habits, once you know this information you will be able to divide your list accordingly. If you have one group of people that like just one type of service that you offer and another group that doesn’t care less then make sure you strategize accordingly.


If you can then call your customers by name and send your emails from the same address. It’s easier for your customers to trust you when you are more personal. This will give you a better chance of your emails to be opened and read.

Simple Layout

Keep your layout clean and simple, don’t overload it with flashy graphics, huge font and other bold items. Your layout will look a lot more professional if it is simple where as a busy layout will send your emails to the trash or spam file.

Call to Action

What’s the point in sending an email if you don’t ask your customer to do something other than look? By having a call to action is will do many things like, ask your customers to click on a link, fill out a survey or make a purchase. Whatever one you choose make sure you add it to all of your email campaigns.

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