What Not to do on Social Media

Social Media is now a vital part of any business. If you don’t have a presence on social media, then you are missing out on communicating with your customer base. Your personal social media accounts are very different to your businesses. You have to try not to alienate the customers that you’re trying to attract.

Don’t be Offensive

This goes without saying but nothing would hurt a brand more than offensive social media posts. There are many ways to hurt your online reputation so make sure that the person who handles your posts is trustworthy, for an extra step of caution you can approve all the posts before they go live.

Deleting Negative Comments

It is tempting to remove negative posts about your business, especially if it is on your own social media page. If you delete these posts then makes potential customers suspicious, and it’s even worse if the person tells someone else that their comment was removed. It is best to leave these sorts of posts up and then reply in a professional manner that will impress the customers that read it.

Argue with Customers

It is important that your respond to customers on social media, even if their comments are negative, but it is important that you treat everyone with respect. Try to think that everything you write is being read by someone who is going to buy one of your products or services, tailor your response to try and win them over.


Social media gives you an opportunity for a direct channel between you and your customer, which is why it is important to always tell the truth. Your social media interactions will build a foundation of trust and if you violate that trust then you might lose some of your most loyal customers.

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