How to Create the Perfect ‘About Us’ Page

About us pages are the most visited pages on a website as site users will visit them to get an idea of how trustworthy the site is and to know more about your business. An about us page will give you the opportunity to connect with your visitors and sell them on your site. So if you are in the process of building a new website and want to make an about us page that will make your website stand out, then here are some great tips!

Having an about page will clarify who you are and what you do, will increase reader trust and help your brand. When you add this page make sure you make it obvious on your website. Always have one or more links to it on all pages on your website and make sure you name it clearly. Some good names are, ‘Our Story’ or “Who We Are’.

When setting up your about us page make sure you add these important elements:

Who You Are –

Some visitors might mistrust your website if it is unclear on who runs the business, they want to know more about the business so what’s the point in having an about us page if you give no information!

Contact Information –

Even if you have a contact page on your website, you should provide this information on your about us page.

Links to Popular Content

Provide some links to your most important or popular content so your about us page isn’t a dead end.

An about us page should be personal but also get your readers attention. To make your about us page even more personal add some photos or even videos, as photos and videos catch the visitor’s eye more than paragraphs of text. Customers will have an idea on what your website is about before even coming to you about us page, so they usually go onto that page to find out how credible you are or to find out more.

You want to avoid loads of paragraphs of information as this will lose the reader’s attention, when writing content for you about us page make sure it’s all about your business and how it has grown, anything other than that can go onto different pages of the website. Another way to break up paragraphs is by adding headers, so the customer can just go to a paragraph that interests them instead of having to read everything on the page. Adding links to a case studies page or a review page is also a good idea, as it is proof from people that your services or products are good!

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