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Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost your Sales

Christmas is the time is the time to spend with your family and feel the holiday cheer, but if you run a business then it is also the time to take advantage of the marketing opportunities! Any business is out to make money this Christmas so try not to be too pushy as subtlety is key. Here are some of our marketing ideas for the holiday season…

Rewarding your Loyal Customers

One thing that is true about start-up businesses is that loyal customers are highly important, especially with getting your business off to a good start you need regular customers! Once your business has started making some money don’t forget about your faithful customers that have been there since the beginning. Christmas is a great time to reward them, why not start a sale that is only available to your loyal customers to make them feel remembered, not only does it bring in more business, but it also reminds your customers why they helped your business to begin with.

Stocking Fillers

Little gifts that might seem pointless any other time of the year are perfect for Christmas! They brighten up people’s day and make them want to buy from your more often. A good idea is to include it with any purchase that is over a certain amount, it doesn’t have to be anything to big so try things like a keychain or a t-shirt. Try picking something that has your company logo on it so you get some promotion!

Customised Sweets

During the holiday season people are constantly gifting each other sweets, so this can be a great marketing tool! On some sweets you can even customise them to show your business logo which is a perfect way to advertise as people will think about your business every time, they each one of the sweets. You can include these sweets with every purchase or even just hand them out for free.

Hold a Contest or Giveaway

This can be done any time of the year, but Christmas is a perfect opportunity to get everyone together! You can really get creative with this idea, people will be interested in the contest and it won’t even cross their mind that your business is just trying to make money. You could start a competition on Facebook like comment your favourite Christmas song to win a t-shirt! As well as boosting your business it will also boost your social media.

Last Minute Gifts

Its tough trying to get all your presents in time for Christmas so cater to those that still need gifts weeks or even days before Christmas! Offer some last-minute gift ideas that aren’t too expensive as well as it doesn’t look like a gift they got in the last second. This is a perfect way to get business from the forgetful people that would be making a lot of apologies during Christmas.

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