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Web Designs Trends for 2019

Design trends have pushed more to creativity by abandoning grids and the traditional stock photos for more vibrant illustrations, asymmetrical layouts and bold colour scheme. In 2019, aesthetics and technology will come together. Here are our web design trends for 2019.

Mobile Optimisation

There are now new rules for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation.) This means that bots will check your websites mobile version first before they check the desktop one, this is so they decide how to rank your site in the search results. This also includes how fast your website loads on a mobile. So if your website doesn’t work for mobiles, for 2019 make it your goal for it to be lightning fast and fully optimised so your customers can find you from google!

Geometric Shapes

This year its times to start arranging geometric shapes across your website, you can do this by cropping images into geometric shapes. The lines of different shapes make your website look aesthetically pleasing! We think that the pattern -breaking style makes your website look a lot more modern, if your website has a lot of text on one side then why don’t you make a design out of shapes on the other side, you can even put some images into these shapes which will keep customers focused on what you provide.

Splashes of Colour

Bold colours are always in trend, it’s a reliable way of making a statement on your website. Your choice of a colour palette should help show the emotions you want to put across, the standards of your industry and the message that you want to communicate to your customers through your business’ visual identity. At the moment, bold colour blocks are on top of the trends, you could make your banner one solid colour that doesn’t mix in with the rest of your business, then make some more accents of that page the same bold colour to tie it all together.

Complementary colour schemes are also starting to become more popular. This is where you take two colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel, like red and green. This contrast makes one pop more than the other would on its own. To make a full colour scheme you could add a more neutral colour to this scheme, this could be white, light grey or light brown.

Video Banners

It’s started to become a necessity to have a video banner on your website, as this will catch your customers attention when they click on your website, it also means that they will spend more time on your website which gives you a higher chance of ranking higher on google. Your video banner could be full-screen or a strip video that could be your websites background, you can also overlay it with text, your logo or anything you wish.

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