How to Improve your Email Open Rates

Have you started an email campaign this year and it’s not going as well as you thought? Take a look at some of our tips on how optimise your emails and improve open rates.

First Impressions

When a new potential client opts-in to see your emails you need to make a really good impression, so they remember your brand. It might be best to send them a welcome letter that provides them with any tools and resources they might need from your business in the future.


This is a critical key when organising your email marketing strategy, especially if you are looking to improve your open rates. Users are more likely to open an email they are expecting, so make your emails monthly so your customers know what to expect.

Segment your Audience

List segmentation is a great tool when it comes to email marketing, as you can use it to provide more relevant content to your customers. Separate your audience by their interests then start sending them emails dedicated to their certain interests.

Keeping your List Up-To-Date

It is really important to keep your email list up to date! You can start taking out contacts that stop opening your emails. However, if a potential client wants to be on your email list then make sure their data is entered in correctly and they are in the appropriate list according to their interests.

When to Send the Email

Choosing the right time to send an email is just as important as to what the email contains. If you choose the right time to send an email then your open rate will improve, this process is a lot of trial and error as all of your lists to react differently.


Everyone hates having spam in their emails and if your emails start being identified as spam this could damage your email marketing strategy. Don’t email anyone that hasn’t opted-in to receiving your emails and don’t use words like Free or Win, as too many of these words are classed as spam.

Mobile Optimisation

A lot of people are checking their emails on their phones more than on a desktop, this is really important when you are creating your email. If a customer looks at your email on their phone and its difficult to view, they will stop reading your emails all together.

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