Design Tips for your Ecommerce Website

How do I sell more of my products? This question has been asked by many shop owners for ages and now that they are able to open an online shop, it has become a popular phrase. According to a recent study, 80% of people have sopped online before, which means the internet has now became the place to become a ‘Merchant’ and the competition is bigger than ever. If you are struggling to beat your competition with your online shop, then we can help!

Show your opening times and address

When you are visiting a website, there is nothing more frustrating than having to search through it to find the contact information, because of this a lot of visitors give up and just leave the site. Make sure your contact details are always visible on all of your pages, we recommend putting it in the header or the footer of every page of your website, so it is always visible.

Put your categories at the top of the page

A lot of internet users hate searching for obvious information. All of the important content should be placed front and centre so no one can miss it. Put all of your products and information into categories then place each category onto the homepage of your website.

Competitive advantages

If you have outstanding service, then you shouldn’t have to hide it! Why don’t you highlight the things that your business the competitive edge, this could be free delivery or a no questions asked refund policy. You don’t have to have this taking up a lot of space on your website, you could have an icon with a couple of words which people will see on your page.

Emphasize specials or promotions

If you give a product extra visual attention to your sale or new products it can add as a trigger or a sense of urgency for customers to take an interest into what you have to offer. This helps you highlight some of your clearance stock or creates a buzz around your newest collection.

Customer testimonials

According to a recent survey, 90% of consumers say that an online review is more important than input from a sales professional. A lot of customers will search for customer reviews before purchasing anything off a website. You also need to make leaving a review easy to do through your website and maybe have some customer reviews directly on your product page.

Explain the checkout process

How many times have you abandoned a check out because the process was too complicated? When a customer makes a purchase, they want to know that they are now in the checkout process, so if you display a progress bar during this process it will make the customer feel more encouraged to finish making the purchase.

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