How to Sell More Products through your Ecommerce Website

Want to sell more products through your ecommerce website? Follows these steps to increase engagement and sales!

Create a page for every single product:

It is essential to create a dedicated page for every product, so your customers can see more information about the product. If your page current has a single picture of the product with a buy now button, it is probably driving the customer away as they want more information about the product they are buying. You need a well presents and comprehensive page with multiple photos and a detailed description.

Add customer reviews:

When making online purchases a lot of customers will be hesitant to buy from a shop they have never shopped at before. Customers find trust in reviews, actually 85% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, you need to add a review section to your ecommerce website!

Coupons and sales:

Everyone loves a deal, receiving a discount can make the world a difference to a potential customer! You can have a percentage of certain items, money off or a buy 1 get 1 off deal. The code for this deal will have to be placed on the front page or the header of your ecommerce website to attract new customers, or if you want to reward loyal customers, add them to your email newsletter.

Offer an easy checkout process:

It’s annoying when a customer abandons the purchase through your ecommerce website. One of the main reasons why customers do this is because the check out process is too complicated for them to complete and they end up giving up. The only way to help this is by making the process as simple as possible, make sure you only ask for the information that is required from them and keep the lay out as neat as possible.

Don’t forget your existing customers:

A lot of small business become caught up on trying to get new customers and forget about their loyal customers. Your past customers already know what your products are like so you just need to keep reminding them that you have more stuff to show them! Follow up on them after they make their first purchase, checking to see whether they like their item and whether they can leave feedback about their shopping experience. You can also ask them to be on your mailing list to offer them items for a discount price.

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