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How to Drive more Traffic to your Website

Once you have made your website you want people to actually visit it. For small businesses it is an extension on to the business, and for a small online shop it is the business itself. Driving traffic to your website will take time and effort, but by taking advantage of SEO, blogging and social media you will be able to help people find your website.

One of the most normal steps when trying to bring traffic to your website is by email marketing. A lot of other businesses use newsletters, it’s a great way of promoting your latest blog posts or to inform customers of a sale that you might be doing on your website.

SEO is the process that can help Google find your website to then display them onto the search result pages. Before you start looking at driving traffic to your website, you need to make sure that your website is ready to be found on Google, this means that all the content that is written is correct and all the photos are displaying properly.

Social media is one of the biggest marketing platforms that businesses use to promote their business. Your target audience is on a social media platform which means you need a social media account to show them that your business exists. While posting your content on social media, make sure you always add your website! Any time you upload something new onto your website, which could be a blog or a new product, you can then promote this on your social media profiles.

Adding a blog to your website will increase your SEO and will drive traffic to your website. Search engine bots are always scouring the internet to find new information, so if you are updating your blog regularly these search bots will find your website more often for new information. The more your update your website, the more the bots will visit your site and then your search engine rank will update.

Directories and Online Forums

Submitting your website to a directory is usually free and very straightforward. All you need to do is send your websites link and other information about your business to the directory. They will then add it to a database and then your information will appear when someone searches for that category. There are also online forums that are dedicated to your industry that you can add your website link to, by doing this people who talk in that forum will be able to visit your website.

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