What Pictures to Include in your Email Campaign

A third of shoppers receive over 120 emails per week, so the competition to get your client to read your email is fierce. Emails that contain a lot of words may be ignored as they look quite boring, where as emails with images can be powerful in bringing your products to life and capturing your client’s attention. You need to be putting the right images into your email because otherwise it won’t entice the client to take action. Generic images are usually what people use but customers want to be treated as an individual, they are unlikely to drive click through or revenue growth.

Relevance is Everything

As well as capturing your clients interest you also need the content you use to be relevant. Adding countdowns to cut off dates, end of a flash sale or remaining stock levels can create a heightened sense of urgency. Using real-time data will make sure that the email content is always up to date and only products and deals that are available at the time are used so the client can interact with the email when the promotions are happening. This is great to do if you are having a 24-hour flash sale as during the event, clients will open the email and see the images that are specific to the flash sale and react straight away, you can also set up a back-up set of images for when the flash sale is over.

Test and Optimise

Behaviour and preferences will continue to evolve so staying on top of all of these trends is really important. You need to take time to evaluate the effectiveness of the images you have used to see what has worked and hasn’t worked for your brand. Running some test campaigns to optimise tactics in the run up to the proper email will help establish what will drive engagement.

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