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Our Website Design Checklist

Do you need a website for your new business but you’re not sure how your website will give you positive result? We’ve created a checklist to help you!

Header & Logo

The first thing your website will need is a header. In the header you will need to include your logo, but in a space where everyone can see it. The header needs to include all of your web pages as well.

Easy Navigation

Your navigation needs to be simple, so it doesn’t drive customers away. If your website is too hard to use, then your customers will leave. It’s important that your customers can bounce from one area to another.

Opt-In Offer

Your customers need to be interested in what you are offering so you need to create a strong opt-in option. This offer could be asking them to sign up to your mailing list, so they get 10% off their first order. This will give potential customers an incentive to buy your products.


If you have something important, like a couple of call to action buttons, you might want to put them onto the sidebar of your website, so they are always showing. Make sure they don’t distract the customer from the rest of your website.

Landing Pages

By creating individual landing pages, it will be easy for your customers to find what part of the section they are looking for easily. It will also allow potential clients to buy products directly, which will increase conversion for your business.


Adding videos to your website will catch your customers eye, quickly deliver your message and drive more traffic to your website.


Creating your own high-quality content for your blog is important when building an online brand. It will also improve your websites SEO and search traffic for your website.

Social Media

Make sure your social media platforms are easy to find on your website. This could be adding them to the header or sidebar of your website, so they are always there for people to find.

Contact Information

When creating a contact form make sure you include all of the details you need from your customers. The most important details you need is the customer’s name, address, phone number, and email address so you can contact them back about their enquiry.

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