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How to Measure the Success of your Email Campaign

More than 34% of people worldwide use email, which is 2.5 billion people. Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with people as you can tailor it to your customers, each email can be a different topic that relates back to your business to engage your customers. It’s important to measure the success of your email campaigns, to see whether they work or not. Here are some ways to measure the success of your email marketing strategy.

Open Rate

When you have a seen an email campaign to your customers, you’ll see the open rate increasing on the email marketing dashboard. This shows you how many of your customers click to open your email. A healthy open rate is 29% or higher, but it is difficult to measure so it isn’t the best metric to go by.

An open rate is tracked in two ways, either by an image loading in the customers email client or by the recipient clicking a tracked link that is in the email. If your open rate is increasing, then it means your email is being read.

Bounce Rate

A bounce rate measures the percentage of how many of your emails get bounced back to you, so the email can’t reach the customer and is bounced back to you.

A big bounce rate could affect your overall deliverability, and for a healthy email campaign it needs to be 2% or lower. If an email no longer exists then its classed as a hard bounce, and after 3 hard bounces from an email address the address status is then changed to undeliverable and will need to be removed from your database.

To reduce the frequency of bounced emails then you need to have a clean email address list. A clean list will only include legitimate email addresses that have opted in to receiving your emails, by cleaning your list it will also reduce its size which will improve other data.

Click Through Rate

The click through rate is a better metric to track compared to the open rate as it measures the number of unique clicks in an email divided by the number of emails that have be successfully delivered. A lot of people find that they have high open rate but then the click through rate is low, this is because the message catches the customers eye but then the content in the email falls flat.

If your click through rate is less than 1% then you will need to find more content to improve email campaign as you want this metric to be as high as possible.

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