How to Build Up your Email List

Did you know that your email marketing database degrades by 22.5% a year? Your customers email addresses will change when they move from different businesses, they could opt out from receiving your emails or abandon their email address all together. When building an email listing and sending out email campaigns you need to keep adding in fresh new contacts, so your numbers keep moving up

Here are 8 tips on how to grow your email list:

Landing Pages: landing pages are used to convert website visitors into customers. Recent studies have showed that 56% of clicks for websites are directed to the landing page, and not the homepage, which shows that most of your customers will be getting directed to your services or products.

Opt-In Offers & Forms: one of the most effective ways to convert your website visitors is to include opt-in offers. This could be offering a 10% discount when they sign up to your email marketing list. 71% of marketers use this to generate leads. It’s also a good idea to include a link to an opt-in form, this can increase conversion by 200-500%

Call to Actions: you need to have a clear call to action button on all of your website pages, and it needs to take 3 seconds for the user to see otherwise the website is too hard for the user to use and they will go to your competitors. This will help direct traffic to your web pages.

Social Proof: a recent study has shown that customer reviews are 12x more trusted than descriptions that come from the business.

Videos: instead of just using photos in your landing pages, why not include some videos? Videos can increase conversion rates by 86% as they keep visitors on the page for longer.

Leaving Feedback: add in a feedback tool to your landing page, if you ask your website users to answer some live questions it boosts conversions by 500%. You can also add in a little discount code for users after they have answered all of your questions.

Use Action Oriented Content Words: you can increase your opt in rates dramatically if you use ‘Value Terms.’ This can be words like ‘limited time, special offer, exclusive’ to try and persuade your readers to take action.

Contests: create a contest that means submitting a photo or video but make sure they send in their email address to enter, when finishing this email share some of the entries that your audience creates.

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