7 Benefits of Email Marketing

Does your business need to use email marketing? What are the benefits? Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels that delivers the highest RoI (Return on Investment). Email marketing is used by loads of businesses around the world. If you’re not familiar with email marketing, then you might not know of the benefits and why it is so popular with other industries. Here are the top 10 benefits of email marketing:

Low Costs

Compared to other marketing channels, email marketing is one of the cheapest options. You don’t need to pay for print or postage costs or any extra fees like you would do to advertise in magazines or on billboards. For email marketing you might want to invest in some software that will automate, track and analyse your emails, with this there might be a small cost, but this will be lower than what you normally pay when using other marketing channels.

Reach your Target Audience

With email marketing, your customers have signed up to receive your emails, and now with GDPR in place you will only send emails to people that want to receive your emails and you have to allow them to opt out at any time. Seeing as your customers are already interested in your business, this will make your conversion rates higher.

Targeted Messages

A lot of marketing professionals would pay extra to make sure they are only spending money to target people that are interested in their business, but with email marketing you can do this by only sending emails to subscribers that meet certain criteria.

Email list segmentation works best for brands who have information about their subscribers. Studies show that people who use this have improved engagement rates.


Email marketing is a great advantage for impulse buying as there aren’t a lot of other marketing channels that let customers go from looking at an offer to then purchase it within 2 clicks. In your emails you need to have a call to action button that goes straight to your product allowing your customer to buy it straight away.

Easy to Use

You don’t need a massive team or need to know the technical terms to run an email campaign, it’s easy to make an email campaigns using a template and include pictures, videos, links or text. Although, some of the most successful campaigns are simple, so keep that in mind!

Easy to Measure

It is easy to see what you are doing wrong with email marketing. A lot of email marketing software will allow you to see the open, click-through and conversion rates which will show you want you need to do to improve. You can also make these changes immediately through the software.

Instant Impact

You will start seeing results as soon as an email is sent. If you are thinking of throwing a 24 hours sale, then you can help bring in more customers through email as it creates a sense of urgency to convince your subscribers to take action straight away.

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