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Small Business Website Checklist

Are you trying to think of a design for your new website but a bit stuck? This checklist will make sure that your website has everything it needs to be a success!

What you need:

Header and Logo –

Your header and logo will be one of the first things that your customers will see on your website, and it will be on every page. You need to make sure that is it effective, tidy and memorable. When adding your logo to your header make sure it is in a place everyone can see no matter what size their screen is.

Navigation –

This is how your customers will move around your website so make sure of your main pages can be found on the navigation, you don’t want to make it difficult for your customers to find out more information about your business otherwise they will leave and go to your competitors site. Use a simple menu that makes it easy to go from one page to another.

Opt-in Offer –

Obtaining your customers email address is important, as you can keep reminding them of your brand by giving them special offers through email. Put your opt-in offer somewhere prominent so they can miss it, or as a pop-up box when they first click onto your website. When setting this up maybe add in a special offer, so enter your email address to receive 10% off your first order.

Video –

Your customers will stay on your website for longer if you have videos, this is because they might want to watch the whole video. In your video make sure you stay true to your brand!

Blog –

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to build a reputation in your industry and keeps your in touch with your customers. It also helps your SEO so your website rank higher on the search result page on Google.

Social Integration –

Make sure you put your social media links on your website so your customers can find you!

Contact Info –

When adding in your contact info make sure you include your address, phone number, email, map or anything else your customers might need to know. You need to make your contact page clear and easy to use so your customers can find you.

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