5 Logo Trends

Thinking of updating your brand with a logo refresh? There are many tools that will allow you to create a logo, but you need to know what makes a good logo. Your new logo needs to be professional and innovative, but also in your own style.

Take some inspiration from these logo trends!

Text Boxes:

When looking at any guides for logo design you will find that readability is one of the most important things. Picture the name of your business in a readable font, then think of putting a rectangle box around it. It’s a very simple idea but allows versatility, allowing you to change colours, size and opacity. This is an effective way to emphasize your business logo in a clean and effective way.


Due to social media a lot of businesses now use a circular design. This year, online platforms have influenced logo design. Businesses have now created circular logos to fit in with the environment on where they are most seen, social media pictures.

Fine Lines:

Minimalism is one of those trends that doesn’t leave, and fine lines are apart that trend. Like geometric shapes, fine line drawings are versatile and can be easily manipulated, which makes it a stand out choice for businesses. With this trend you can easily convey your brands personality in just a few lines.


Instagram decided to rebrand their logo to include bright, gradient colours back in 2016, and since then this trend just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This style blends an array of shades and tones of one colour, starting with dark tones then slowly fading it out. With this design, the creative possibilities are endless, and each design will be unique.

Handwritten Fonts:

Handwritten fonts never go out of style, they give off a sense of authenticity and personality. If you’re a small business, then you need to make sure your logo shows how you have poured your heart and soul into making it by including a touch of ‘you’.

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