Greatly achieve with your Social Media marketing strategy.

Are you looking at ways to improve your social media strategy? Do you want your social media efforts for your business?

You should identify your business goals from day one as every social media should serve your business goal. People often jump into Social Media because it’s extremely easy to create a profile and following people will make no difference. But, its all about your brand reputation online.

As a business, you should craft your social media marketing objectives. Craft marketing objectives are aligned to your business goals. You need to ensure that your marketing objectives are SMART. For example; Specific, Relevant, Measurable, Time- based and achievable.

Understanding the audience personally is key. Your business is never about you.; its always about the clients that you provide value to. You need to segment your audience based on age, income, gender, location and education.

When analysing a competitor’s social media profiles, you need to look for: followers and followings, posting frequently, time of day, context of content and engagement on social networks.

There are different types of content marketing strategies. These consist of: Blog posts, Webinars, FAQs, Case studies, videos , power points and business news.

As a business, you would need to make a list of the resources and investment needed for your overall social media marketing strategy. This consists of the time taken to research, create and share content. This also includes the money to execute your social media strategy. As well as the tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwards, Canva and Statusbrew etc…

A way to prevent your social media strategy from going wrong, distributing the tasks among others. This can help to make the process more productive and less complex.

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