Defining Your Brand Voice

According to a recent marketing survey, brands in the UK increase their value by over £1 million every hour. Familiar brands are considered trustworthy and dependable. However, this presents a problem for new businesses looking to compete with bigger brands. A brand voice is a unique way to communicate your brand’s characteristics, such as the mission and the values to the target market. Being able to voice your brand’s identity and traits is an essential process in building brand awareness and recognition. This is something that a lot of businesses struggle with on the whole.

With any marketing strategy, you have to identify the target audience and learn about them. Businesses communicate differently depending on who their target audience is. You have to learn as much as you can about the target audience by finding out their demographic, geographical location, how they communicate, their lifestyle and interests. The audience also determines the tone of what voice your brand should. How the message is coined and delivered plays a vital role in reaching out a specific market segment,

Having a brand voice is a way to connect to your audience, it’s the business’s first impression with customers.The audience may dictate with the choice of tone and message. Businesses nowadays who are involved in formal services generally communicate in an authoritative and firm voice. For example, it’s unlikely for a law firm to use funny or catchy slogans to voice their brand.

As a business, making a profit shouldn’t be the mission. A mission should be how you hope to influence the world or at least your target audience by presenting your products or services. This is expressed in a mission statement, so it needs to be accurate and related to what you are selling. Every logo, tagline, slogan, blog post and message need to reflect your mission.

In marketing, you always have to keep tabs on your competitors. It is helpful to find out how your competitors communicate and interact with their audience. Branding is what makes your business stand out. You shouldn’t want to copy other businesses but find ways to do it better.

Every new entrant is expected to be unique. Being competitive means providing something that no one else is offering. You have to outline the key benefits or unique features of your brand that will make customers choose it over others. You have to portray the uniqueness with a brand voice using a catchy tagline.

By collecting information on your target audience and competitors it will help to establish a brand mission, you can then proceed to create a brand voice. Appeal to your audience to help convince them why your brand is different, better and more preferable. The voice should be informative, professional and promotional. Ensure that every message that you want to get across resonates with the product, brand identity and image.

Maintaining the brand voice is crucial. The business environment is dynamic and new competitors may emerge. But the brand voice needs to be flexible enough to evolve and remain relevant in changing times. However, the brand voice must keep in line with the core values and mission of the brand, even when drastic changes have been made.

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