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Facebook Adverts

Did you know that Facebook has 2.3 billion active users & 1.5 billion daily users? This makes Facebook the third most popular search engine in the world, only behind Google and YouTube.

One in every five minutes spent on a mobile device is on Facebook and over 18 million people in the UK alone are active on Facebook!

A few facts:

· The newsfeed only has a certain number of slots for ads.

· You can choose who sees the ad through Facebook targeting.

· There are more advertisers wanting to show ads than there are slots for ads!

· Facebook cares about more than just money, they care about user experience. This means the highest bid for an advert slot will not always win!

· A more engaging advert that people will like will always beat a poor ad that people will not like, regardless of the money.

· Adverts cannot include anything personal about anyone:

· Adverts can’t include a non-existent functionality, for example, a play button on an image.

· Ads cannot contain links to websites that provide an unexpected or disruptive experience

The Three M’s:

MARKET – Who are you selling too?

MESSAGE – What are you going to say to your market?

MEDIA – How do you get your message in front of your market?

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