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How to Monitor Your Social Media Success

Have you had social media for a while and started running campaigns, participating in chats and even possibly starting to pay for adverts?

If so, keep reading to find out if social media is working for you! Here’s some metrics that anyone can use and what you should always keep tabs on.

Follower Growth

Your number of followers shows how many people are interested in your business’ social media page. This is effectively because they’re interested in what you are posting. You must be doing something right if the number of followers on your social media platforms are increasing.

Having an increasing follower count is a good measure that you are on the right track and people want to listen to what you’re saying.

Likes and Shares

When you have figured out what your audience wants to know more about, you will then be able to adjust your posts to fit what they want. Then, it becomes easy to set up an editorial calendar full of ideas for new content.

The more shares and likes the posts gets, the more you know you’ve created something that your audience likes. Just like if certain posts aren’t getting any likes or shares, you know your audience wants to see less of those type of posts.

Referral Traffic

People will find out more about your business on your website, instead of your social media. So how will you get people to move from social media to your website?

You will need to track referral traffic from social media to see where people are before visiting your website. If you find that one of the social media platforms you use is under performing, then you might want to add a new call to action button onto the site or change the

content you are posting.


People are more likely to buy from people they trust and people they feel are like themselves, the best way to get people to know you and your business is by engaging with them. Do you monitor the mentions of your brand and joining in on those conversations? If not, then this is a great time to start, even if you just like or reply to comments! A little acknowledgment can go a long way.

Share of Voice

Getting mentioned is great but it doesn’t give you a full picture of current opportunities. If you track share of voice, you will be able to see how your mentions compare to those of your competitors.

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If you need any help with social media, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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