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Pancake Day

It’s Pancake Day! One thing I am used to every year on pancake day is seeing everyone post their photos of pancakes onto social media, especially Instagram!

Instagram is becoming more popular as time goes by, but not only for personal use such as people sharing their “pancake pics”, but for businesses too! There are so many unknown features that companies can use to help them reach as many of the 1 billion active users as possible.

As of January 2019, Instagram stories were used 500 million times every day. A third of these stories are published by businesses!

Social media is fast becoming the main shop window for many businesses all around the world and your business is no different!

Pinfields Marketing can help you manage your social media pages as well as use all of the features that Instagram Stories offer! Here are some examples of our work, including polls and quizzes!

Being active on social media is so crucial to every business, no matter what industry it works within!

If you are interested to see how we can help:


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