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10 Stats to help drive sales on Twitter this Christmas!

Did you know that almost two-thirds of Twitter users begin shopping before December? The vast majority shop online and they want more from brands and SMEs.

The opportunities:

1) 75% of our UK user community panel want more from brands on twitter at Christmas.

2) 66% of UK Twitter users have made a Christmas purchase after seeing that special something on twitter.

3) 68% of UK Twitter users are likely to purchase something from a business they follow on Twitter.

4) 50% of UK Twitter users are likely to Tweet about their Christmas purchase.

Three things users want more of from brands:

5) 36% Help them get in the Christmas spirit.

6) 45% Inspiration for gifts, recipes and decorations.

7) 32% To be there for customer service

Twitter users are looking for advice and deals

8) 55% of our UK user community are price conscious about Christmas gifts.

9) 43% of UK users who use Twitter for Christmas shopping have tweeted asking for advice.

10) 36% of UK Twitter users are interested in deals and only on Twitter offers.

How to use Twitter this Christmas Season

You need to reach people shopping on their smart phones. This can be achieved through running a mobile campaign. We know that 94% of Twitter users in the UK are engaging with mobile commerce, this therefore makes twitter users the perfect target. You can use videos on Twitter to amplify your campaign. Twitter have introduced a ‘Twitter Video Card’, which offers you a simple way to upload and distribute videos on twitter. This is proved to be efficient as tests show that Tweets using the Video Card generate better engagement and more views, and this can run ads using cost per view. This means you only get charged when a user starts playing your video.

If you have any queries or are interested in running a Christmas campaign for your business, please get in touch!

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