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World Emoji Day

Emojis are fun, right? They can add a blip of colour and a dash of personality to even the most boring email. They can spruce up a social media post. They can even convey certain messages and emotions better than words.

Emojis are small icons and images which are used in text messages, on websites and as part of other digital communication.

Why use Emojis?

So, you know how to use emojis, but why should you bother?

Emojis help drive engagement on all variety of digital media: email, mobile, and social media.

Using emojis in your marketing and communications gives your brand personality and identity. Whether you’re fun and youthful or risqué and witty, emojis can help humanize your brand’s identity.

Emojis To Try in Your Marketing

There are literally thousands of emojis that you could use in your marketing and communications. But, according to our own research, there are some that might be more effective than others. Take a look and try them out for yourself.

Emojis to Boost Engagement:

🙆 - Person Gesturing OK

🍒 - Cherries

🐠 - Tropical Fish

💃 - Woman Dancing

🌤 - Sun Behind Small Cloud

Emojis to Encourage Click-Through

🐙 - Octopus

🐴 - Horse Face

👖 - Jeans

🍒 - Cherries

🚂 - Locomotive

Emojis in Social Media

It’s easy to toss an emoji or two into a tweet or Instagram comment, and you should. But how can you use emojis to intentionally drive engagement, click-throughs, and conversions? The answer is simple, encourage your audience to use them too.


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