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Power Of Social Media: Brands that are killing it!

Social media can play a crucial role in boosting your business’ online presence and driving growth which ultimately boosts sales of your products and services.

But how exactly does it do this? Here are some examples of brands that are killing their digital marketing and how we can take inspiration from them.


Innocent Drinks:

Innocent Drinks is a UK-originating smoothies and juice brand that has succeeded in using social media to gain a significant number of customers. Innocent Drinks leverages Instagram, and more recently launched its TikTok account and have creatively hopped on many trends gaining the interest and fondness of Gen Z.


Innocent drinks has understood what TikTok users like and have created content in that direction.

With the face filter being one of the most popular effects, Innocent Drinks have chosen to capitalise on this and integrate it into its funny TikToks.

Since humoristic content performs the best on TikTok, they have chosen a friendly and down-to-earth approach and regularly portrays POVs of their staff (predominantly based on their social media managers struggling to find creative concepts for TikTok) creating a personal and relatable feel.


On Instagram, Innocent Drinks talks with an informal and humanised approach and adds a splash of colour to their messages. With an average engagement rate of 0.70%, achieved through its bubbly brand personality, it’s clear that they are acing social media.

Innocent Drinks have managed to utilise Instagram and its stories to display creative content and bring focus to their visual assets. With a variety of content including vudeos, GIFs, and UGC (user-generated content) just to name a few, Innocent drinks certainly know how to entertain and keep their audience hooked resulting in great conversion rates.



Ryanair has a reputation for being one of the most engaging airline accounts on twitter due to its witty responses to customer inquiries. With over 1.5 million followers, the account regularly posts promotional content and humorous tweets.


Ryanair’s customer service and social media team is responsive and informative but also incorporates humour alongside this to help diffuse potentially negative situations. In turn this usually generates a positive buzz around the brand increasing likeability.

The account often uses pop culture references to create relatable content. When the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’ was popular, they tweeted a photo of a tiger in a plane with the caption ‘Don’t worry Joe, we fly tigers too’. This generated thousands of retweets pushing their brand to tons of potential new customers and which kept themselves in the forefront of their followers’ minds.



Gymshark has been using the power of social media across multiple platforms to create awareness. They cleverly post different types of content across the different platforms to please the algorithms to maximise their reach. Instagram typically posts their fitness influencers, Twitter is used mainly for memes and relatable tweets, Youtube regularly shows How-to videos and challenges, and Pinterest shows off their apparel and workout videos.


Influencer marketing has been a game changer for Gymshark across their Instagram. It all started with Gymshark sending their favourite fitness freaks with a larger following samples of their clothes and in return they gained a good review across their social media channels pushing their product out to new potential customers. The use of influencers gains endorsement resulting in loyalty and trust in their brand. Years down the line and they’ve now created collaborated lines with influencers bringing product sales up. These influencers promote Gymshark in their posts and bios so their followers can check out Gymshark’s website for themselves. Gymshark have now successfully established themselves as the leader of fitness apparel.


Gymshark announced it’s ’66 days | Change Your Life’ campaign across their website and social media channels. This was to encourage followers to upload their before and afters of their 66-day transformation.

The marketing was a huge hit and in just a few weeks the hashtag #Gymshark66 flooded all platforms and resulted in a wide reach.


These brands have all nailed getting the most out of social media to maximise sales and traction. If you need some help elevating your social media accounts, Pinfields Marketing can carry out extensive competitor analysis, audience research and work with you to determine your social media goals. We can then create strategic, visual, and bespoke social media campaigns.

Contact us to take your social media to the next level!

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