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4 Creative Ways to Add Christmas Spirit to Your Social Media

If you haven’t prepared your social media to capture the attention of your customers and trigger Christmas shopping. It’s time to use our top tips that will make your social media festive and merry for the holidays.

1. Decorate Your Cover and Profile Photo

Your cover photo should always primarily represent your brands valued and personalities, however by reflecting the holiday season on social media, it will help get customers in the Christmas spirit. You need to think to yourself what information you want to promote during the season. Maybe some special holiday products or discounts, don’t be overly serious as Christmas is a playful time and customers will warm to it easily.

2. Create a Very Merry Christmas Offer

Most retailers earn as much as 20% of their annual revenue from Christmas. It’s a BIG deal. Therefore, you should grab the attention of your customers through creating Christmas offers and reaching out to your customers through an email campaign. Create a nice a graphic of your deals and upload to all of your social media sites, with a link that clicks through to your website.

3. Share the Joy of Christmas

Use social media and the holiday season to give your posts a festive spin. Get people excited about Christmas as through doing this, naturally you can get them excited about your brand.

4. Make a Wish Come True

A classic way to encourage interaction is to organize a prize game on your social media profile page or through applications. Multi-day giveaways, in which you give out prizes every day for a certain period of time (such as “the 12 days of Christmas”) have the best social media engagement rate because they make fans come back again and again. Your prize game mechanism could be as simple as setting up a quiz with holiday related topics or inviting your audience to share photos to their social media wearing their worst Christmas sweaters.

Use consistent images and fonts on all your promo materials as that will increase brand recall and help your audience differentiate promo posts from others.

Here’s just a few ways on how to use your social media effectively this Christmas, for more information, please get in touch today.

Quick! Christmas is coming!

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