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What Makes a Great Christmas Advert?

Here are a few ideas to help you develop the perfect Christmas Advert:

What’s the Story?

Christmas is a time of year for storytelling and keeping warm by the fire. A good advert tells a captivating story. Think of those Christmas movies that we all fall in love with, if your advert can capture the same magic and sentiment, you’re winning!

Correct Sound track

The sound track behind the advert is what makes all the difference. Something iconic and moving with a unique twist is an assured way to get an audience hooked. Make sure it suits the theme of the shots.

Resonate with the season

Cultural and social references are a must. Make sure you include the things that remind people of Christmas but also resonate well in general with the audience. Make them feel sentimental. This will make a great talking point.

What’s It All For?

An advert that supports a charitable cause or raises awareness will perform well with audiences and hopefully will do good work to give a bit back. Bring the advert to home and really touch the hearts of those watching.

We hope this has initiated some further thoughts into how your Christmas advert will play out.

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