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Web Design Trends

Here are the biggest trends in website design for 2018!

AI & Machine Learning.

This is a software which thinks and acts as a human. They are used for understanding user behaviour and delivering personalised content. AI & machine learning can help build a site that will know what a customer is looking for by analysing their last interactions. Facebook uses a machine learning algorithm to personalise your newsfeed, which means the promoted/sponsored posts are suited towards you.


Chatbots are an app that automatically reacts to the customer’s request. It can either give you a simple answer or you can enable it to complete a marketing channel that will lead the customer to make a purchase. They react to a keyword in a question and then give a necessary piece of content, so you can ask it any question and it will save you scrolling through the website to try and find it.

Natural Language Processing.

This is the next generation of the Chatbot. It will understand what the customer is asking in any natural language and can even pick up on bad grammar and wrong syntax. A natural language processor with handle any scenario with ease.

Progressive Web Apps.

This will combine the best of web and mobile apps. Progressive web apps are push notifications, splash screens, offline mode and animated page translations. They upgrade the functionality of your website. Like the AI & machine learning this will also learn and react to your personal requests.

Seamless Interactions.

Having seamless interactions will allow customers to interact with your website without reloading the page. It will improve and speed up communication.

Scroll Triggered Animations.

This invites the customer to keep scrolling. It will make your website clean and not cluttered with menus and buttons. It should be strategic, minimalist and interesting for your customers.

Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality will make your website more immersive and personal. The 360-degree video, mapping VR increase engagement and any conversion of your website. A-Frame, PlayCanvas and SketchFab make it easy to create VR content.

Internet of Things.

This is used to attach devices to the Internet and it is expected to be on the board in 2018 as it helps customers interact with smart devices.


Seeing as hacking is a great issue, customers will prefer to interact with a trustworthy website that will keep their personal information safe and secure. You must have a security certificate updated on all of your website pages.


SVG is the new format for graphic elements. This format provides better image quality and will slowly replace PNG, JPG and GIF.


Cinemagaphs have changed over the years and this year it has moving elements in them. It can either be a 360-degree view of a product or some dancing/spinning elements that can appear when a customer clicks a certain page.

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