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How Important is Brand Identity to your business?

Brand awareness or brand identity is everywhere you look. Just think of your typical day going to work, you will probably see billboards or see advertising on cars or buses. This is an example of brand awareness; just think of all the times you see the Nike swoosh in a month or a coca cola logo.

Companies all over the world are creating themselves a brand identity which gives people a sense of who they are and what they do. Your brand is the meaning behind your logo, your message and all of your content.

Normally branding is the first step in the process of marketing. Before you start posting your content you need to create an image of your company. Once you’ve established that you can then spread the word through various marketing channels. It will confuse potential customers if you try to market your company without a brand identity. The ultimate goal is to be first in line in your customers mind, however you have to keep in mind that brand awareness has its pitfalls as the internet has opened outlets for consumers to talk openly about your brand either positively or negatively.

How Important is Brand Identity?

  • Most consumers will follow brands because of particular aspects of that brands identity.

  • 88% of people stay loyal to a brand because of its good quality.

  • 72% say that customer service plays a big part into why they stay loyal to a brand.

  • 50% of people think that price is one of the things that make them stay loyal to a specific brand.

  • When brand awareness isn’t done properly it can turn people away from your company.

  • 71% of people say that they are more likely to purchase a brand that they follow on social media.

  • If a company has their business info on social media then 63% of people are more likely to follow.

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