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Our Twitter Guide

One out of every three people on the planet use social media, this shows that most people find it hard to function in today’s world without social media. Your brand needs to be on social media to increase your brand awareness and reach more people than you already are through traditional marketing.

What does social media marketing actually mean? Social media is the process of creating content specifically for each social media platform, whilst having specific goals in mind. You might want to gain more exposure for your business through getting likes and shares, or just want to improve your website traffic. You need to have a presence on social media to show that your business exists in the online world.


A lot of people use twitter to see the latest news as that’s what it was made for, however now a lot of people use it to network and socialise. Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter doesn’t have as many features. Users interact with each other through tweets and nearly 500 million tweets are sent out on a daily basis worldwide.

Content Options:

Tweets: this is the way you speak to other people through twitter publicly, however you are only allowed a maximum of 280 characters. You can attach GIFs, photos or videos to your tweets which doesn’t take up any text space.

Direct Messages: if you want to privately message someone on Twitter, you will send them a direct message instead of tweeting them.

Hashtags: without a hashtag in your posts your tweets won’t be seen as many people, only people that follow you will see the tweet, however if you start putting hashtags in your posts you might go viral. Twitter decided and communicates with users about what is trending in their location and activity based on the hashtags that they use.

Likes and Retweets: these are the main forms of engagement on Twitter. When you find other profiles on Twitter and think their content is interesting you can follow their profile, so then all of the tweets they post you’ll be able to see them on your timeline. You can retweet tweets, this is similar to sharing a post on Facebook, if you retweet a tweet it will show up on your profile. You can also like tweets.

What to Post:

You can tweet about company updates, share articles from your blog or any other interesting content like polls, quotes, tips or GIFs. To attract new attention, make sure your tweets are short and use hashtags that are relevant to your tweet. You can also attach up to 4 pictures per tweet, which is great to catch the eye of a potential client.

How Often to Post:

Some researchers say to post 15 times a day where as other say 1-5 times a day. Every business is different, so in order to find out what works best for you is to post a least once a day and then work your way up. When you feel more comfortable on the platform you can start posting more.

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